Classica XSP

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Clever Ammunition – Classica XSP and the Classica line was born in order to meet the market needs in those countries in which we already have a distribution for traditional Clever line. We guarantee the same passion, components and quality as i.e. different speed, pressure, high quality antimonium lead, spherical lead, top European powder for all speeds and season, our prestigious design special plastic wads, fleximax and cromoflex and special extra sensible European primers.

Gauge Length Weight Shot Size Speed (FPS)
12 2 3/4 1 oz 7.5 1235
12 2 3/4 1 oz 7.5 1295


Additional information


12 Gauge


2 3/4"


1 oz

Shot Size

7.5 Shot


1235 fps, 1295 fps


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